Maven Makers wins film competition

Lots of great things are happening in our maker community. 
Maven Makers in Savannah won a local film competition called Soul Proprietors ( It matches up local small businesses that have a community oriented focus with film crews and then gives them 5 days to make a 7 minute long documentary. The film crews are competing for a $5000 prize and the small businesses are competing for the non-profit they support. Here’s their winning entry:

Congratulations for making an excellent film about making!

TIME Magazine Article – Why ‘Maker Faires’ Are So Important For Our Kids

This article explores Why “Maker Faires” Are Important For Kids.

TIME  (5/23) reports that over 150,000 people attended this year’s at the San Mateo Events Center. According to Time, “these shows have become increasingly important as a means to introduce kids to” science, technology, engineering and math. Time reports that “at Maker Faires, children get hands-on experience with electronic gadgets, from programming to soldering. Kids can play with robotic kits, try building a drone and generally tinker with all sorts of gizmos.”